GM1 Grid Monitor
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UfE-GM Grid Monitor

Three-phase data logger and analysis system

TheUfE-GM is a data logger for recording electrical parameters in the low voltage grid. Voltage, frequency, impedance and phase shift angle (in three-phase systems) are recorded.

By simultaneous measurements at different locations of the same electrical grid section, it is possible to perform a better assessment of its suitability for connection of additional load or additional feed-in power. It can be determined whether the voltage remains within the permissible limits or not. In case the voltage drops or rises over these limits it can also be determined if this situation initiates the disconnection between the generator and the grid; additionally it is possible to evaluate the measurement data in order to decide which voltage should be set at the local transformer.

The device has a SD memory card for storing measurement data when doing long period measurement campaigns. It will record either 1s averages or 20ms values. The measurement data can be are read out and a report generated easily. Additionally, the measurement data can be viewed and downloaded in a access-protected area directly over the UfE web server.